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Case studies

What did Financial Aspirations do for you?

They secured our children’s future

I saw Martin in the lead up to my planned retirement / semi retirement. My objective was not only to secure my finances during retirement, but also ensure that as much of my funds should be passed onto my family after my death as was practicably possible. Martin has great empathy with others who wish to protect their family, and neither does he do the “hard sell”.

Rather he listens, lays out his advice, explaining the risks involved in any investment and encourages reflection – which has worked very well for both myself and for my wife. Martin has helped greatly with the planning involved. As a result of his sound advice we are in a much more secure position generally and will be able to pass on significantly more of our wealth to our children than we thought possible.

Barry Hayward


They safeguarded my financial future and my husband’s care

We first met Martin for advice on our investments as our pension funds were with Equitable Life. Since then, my husband has moved into a care home – and that required us to get guidance and advice with our finances. There was nothing that Martin could have done better in both situations. He has been invaluable in helping me with obtaining Power of Attorney and setting up trusts to safeguard my future. Martin is always available – and he also speaks in ‘plain English’ so I can understand entirely what he is proposing.

Raye Simpson

They protected our parents’ care

We went to Martin for advice on investing the proceeds of our parents’ house in order to pay for their care. He clearly and carefully set out all the options for us, and the decision we came to has enabled us to have both long and short term access to funds as we need them – and our investments are progressing as planned.

Kathleen Moore


They navigated our pension minefield

We needed expert guidance navigating the “minefield” of pensions and pension transfers. We went to Martin and he took time to listen with great patience and carefully assess our financial circumstances before explaining the most appropriate options. Without his input we would have been out of our depth – as it is, we’re getting a very good deal with our provider. We were extremely lucky to have found such a brilliant adviser.

Bob Rowinski


They put our pensions into good shape

I needed some sound advice on putting my pension planning into good shape and create a retirement plan. Martin explained everything clearly, did exactly what we wanted and he has now successfully managed our pensions and savings for some years. We are enjoying the uplift he has achieved in real terms year on year in what has been difficult times to say the least!

Neil Morris