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Help to fulfil your holiday dream


No matter whether it’s the Amalfi Coast, The Maldives or South Africa, we all have a paradise escape in mind, which we’ve dreamed of since childhood.

To help you fulfil your holiday dream we have put together a simple step-by-step guide to help you save money rather than putting your holiday on a credit card. You’ll return home relaxed and worry free having achieved your dream without running up debts.

Step 1 – Set a realistic budget goal and stick to it.
To figure out your budget list the items you’ll need to account for and decide on a figure you can put aside each month.
You might want to factor in food, dining out, excursions, shopping, accommodation, travel (flights our fuel costs), car hire, travel insurance, holiday clothes, holiday treats and entertainment.

Step 2 – Book early.
On many airlines the price increases as seats fill so it can be advantageous to book well in advance and secure yourself a cheap seat.

Step 3 – Shop around.
Don’t buy the first thing you see.  It’s more cost effective to book online but make sure you are getting the best possible deal by thoroughly researching all the options and comparing holiday sites.

Step 4 – Start saving, name your goal and stay focused.
Whether it’s a family trip to New York or a romantic break in Italy, naming your goal will keep you focused. To motivate you to save money place photos around the house that will provide you with a little extra drive or stick a chart on the fridge so you can keep track of your progress.

Step 5 – Cut back on unnecessary luxuries.
Ask yourself “Do I really need this new dress or to eat out at an expensive restaurant three times a month?” If you really don’t need those designer shoes put them back on the shelf and leave the shop!

Step 6 – Keep a spending diary.
If you write down exactly what you’re spending you will be able to review your spending and identify ways of saving. Savings you identify can then be added into a holiday savings account.

Step 7 – Cut down on your grocery bill.
Pay attention to how much food you throw out and identify areas where you can reduce your weekly spend on groceries.

Step 8 – Cut up the credit card
Avoid the temptation as the joy of your trip will be long overshadowed by the stress of paying back credit card debts.

Step 9 – Be frugal.
Don’t overlook the small amounts of money that can be saved every week. Small amounts add up over time. Take your own lunch to work, cut out buying magazines, buy less cups of coffee and cut down on buying wine or beer.

Step 10 – Don’t leave currency until the last minute. 
Study the exchange rates. If you are exchanging money here or overseas shop around with a few different operators. Different fees and charges can have a big impact on how much cash you receive.