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Not all IFAs are the same…

All independent financial advisers will help you manage your wealth. We go one step further: we will help you manage your life by applying the principles of “Life Planning”.

• Does time spent with your family mean more to you than money?
• Do you want to reduce your work commitments, or retire – and if so, when?
• Have you unfulfilled ambitions you want to achieve?
• Would you like to switch careers but are not sure if you can afford to?
• Have you health considerations you want to factor into the life you lead?
• Do you need an exit strategy to sell your business or pass it on to a family member at some time in the future?

Our highly personal approach leads us to consciously limit the number of clients we serve within our local area of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, ensuring we can develop long-term relationships and deliver a totally focussed service. We will also work closely with other professionals in your life – including your solicitor and accountant – ensuring a co-ordinated approach which will achieve the best possible outcomes.

Only when we’ve established your priorities, where you want to go and your timetable for getting there can we put a financial roadmap in place: a strategy that will enable you to pursue the things that matter most to you in life… because they provide meaning and fulfilment.

All this will go into “the mix”, as well as the standard parameters that every IFA will want to know – such as your attitude to risk and capacity for loss.